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I've long been thinking about upgrading to a dual processor system. I have many, many hours of old home video to transcode and burn to DVD, as well as a new 60GB HD Camcorder to tackle future home movies with.

Question is this: Are there any motherboards that will support a dual, non-server based processor arrangement? In other words, Xeon's are a little pricey, and I've noticed on that there are some server boards with dual LGA 1366 sockets. If I'm not mistaken, that is the same socket as the Intel Core i7 920 quad-core processors.

Would dual i7 920's work in such boards? Or do the boards require the Xeon type processors in order to take advantage of the dual socket arrangement?

Suggestions or advice welcome.

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  1. there are xeons that use the lga 1366 boards and only desktop that can do a dul quad is the xeon qx9775 but it doesn offer hyper threading but on an i7 you have got it so with an i7 you have 8 logical cores on the dual socket you got 8 actual cores
  2. The "Core i7" CPUs will NOT work on a 2P board. You will need the "Xeon Nehalem" CPUs for 2P.
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    For what you want to do, a single socket 1366 i7 with lots of RAM (>6GB) would suite your needs. With Hyperthreading, as mentioned, you have (up to) eight logical cores to encode with, providing that the software you use is multi-core enabled.
  4. terrific - thank you all for the info, it is greatly appreciated (and gets me into a much cheaper system).

  5. get some good cooling with it and overclock it
  6. ^+1. i7 can hit 3.6-4Ghz easy.
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