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So I am new to the forums and this is my first post so if I do something wrong I am sorry and correct me in a nice gentle way please. I plan on building this computer within the next month or so and should cost me less than $700 maybe even $650 or less. Btw all these parts can be easily be googled and found so I didnt feel like I needed to post links like the guide said I should. One last part is that all these parts can be found on or I dont need a monitor, mouse, or keyboard. Im not gonna overclock but I am gonna crossfire in the future. I think I added everything That is recommended.

I am looking to build my first ever computer and well its not quite a monster of a computer but I believe it has a future. So here are the specs:

Raidmax Smilodon Mid Tower Case w/PSU 500 watts
Crucial 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Radeon HD 4350 512MB
AMD Phenom II X4 810
Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2
Gear Head Internal PATA 20X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW
PCI Wireless Card

The motherboard supports the AM3 socket so in the future I can upgrade to a good AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb. The motherboard also supports crossfire so later on I will be adding 2 good GPU's. I know that ill need to upgrade the PSU to support all the upgrades. The case has enough room to add 3 more internal hdd's. And I also plan on adding another 4gb's of ram (the motherboard supports DDR3 so I plan on maxing out at 8gb's) I have an old DVD/CD drive I plan on adding to the computer. Like I said this is a very basic computer with what I believe a very good future for upgrades. Let me know if there is anything I can change but will not change the price way to much. Also if I would be better of with an intel CPU let me know although if I buy a simple C2Q cpu they will be obsolete within the next year because of the new i5-i9 cpu's coming out soon.
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  1. You dont want a raidmax PSU, they arent good or reliable. You also dont want an IDE burner.

    If you would edit your post into the format shown here and link to the parts you are looking at we will be better able to help you
  2. This is the fate of a Chokemax PSU:
    A 4350 is hardly any better than the IGP on that Gigabyte mobo. If you want to start low, get a HD4670.
    The wireless card you've chosen only does b/g. Despite some poor reviews on Newegg, I've had good results with this Encore:
  3. Ok good points ill throw away the psu that comes with the case and buy another better brand psu.
  4. Awesome video jtt283, i enjoy have a dramatic explosion video for when people ask why pay so much for a PSU [:jaydeejohn:5]

    Also pay the extra $5 and get the significantly faster samsung drive
  5. ok well what psu would yall recommend? Id like just enough juice to power my system then once i begin upgrading ill upgrade it significantly.
  6. definitely get the F3 samsung drive . The 5400 rpm one you list is actually very slow

    the dvd drive you list is an IDE/PATA drive ,you may as well have a SATA drive with a smaller tidier cable

    It unlikely you will need 8 gig of RAM unless you are running 64 bit programs under a 64 bit OS , and thats not happening any time soon outside the specialist usage of VM's and CS4 . Read the memory articles on this website .

    Dont buy a case with a PSU and then replace the psu . Buy a case without a PSU and fit your own quality unit .

    The 810 Phenom is a very decent processor , but depending on how multithreaded your applications are you may be better off with fewer faster cores . If an ap only uses one core then 4 slower ones will not perform as well as 3 faster cores. The 720 be is cheaper than the 810 . Consider using that instead .

    And definitely stick with the on board gfx of the 785 mb

    spend a little extra on faster RAM from the money you save by not buying the gfx card
  7. Actually the PSU in the Raidmax is semi decent enough to power that system with a 4850 (though your power bill would appreciate a better more efficient unit). Just make sure to get the older SKU with the PSU that doesn't light up. The newer one with the PSUs that light up are crappier. Anyway there isn't too much point in buying that 4350. Sure it's faster than the onboard video, but if you want to play games you should get a much better card. The only real reason to go with a 4350 when you have a 780/785G board is if you want to watch blu ray movies smoothly at 1080p but don't plan to play any games on it.

    As for the motherboard if you want to use crossfire in the future then get a crossfire board, like this one

    ASRock M3A780GXH/128M

    Since the 780G chipset is not automatically able to divide PCI-E lanes between two slots ASRocks uses a switch card on the motherboard to force it to do so anyway :D. Anyway ditch the 4350 and save your money for a better PSU and better Video card.
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