Which is Better for Good colors for the game?

XFX 4850 or XFX GTS 250, which card will be better for gaming, a friend of mine need help abt it, the ram and coreclock is not his priority but the graphic colors and the look of the game like good colors crisp and appealing is, his priority? So wht u guys suggest which card is good in this case? which one he should buy?
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  1. For crisp colors and Looks the monitor is equally important.

    Just imagine if a guy has GTX 275 and a 14" CRT.How good will the game look despite the 200$ card.

    Those two cards are very good for resolution upto 16X10.
    Buy 4850 as it is cheaper.They are very close in performance.
  2. 4850 and GTS250 performs exactly the same. Get whatever is cheaper...
  3. ha ok guys my friend got the HD LCD, so which one is good then cos wht i am seein in the specs the 4850 got 800 stream process where the Gts 250 got only 128 stream process so dose the stream process play any role in the color and the graphics of the game ?
  4. ATI 800 SP VS Nvidia 128SP is almost the same.

    I make it easy to understand:
    ATI card has 800SP.
    Most of them are small and very less are big/powerful.

    While all 128SP of Nvidia card are big and powerful.
    So that equals the performance.

    That's why those two perform the same.
  5. so GTS250 would be good choice with 1gb ram and 738 core clock and also tell me when if we dont play any game i mean when pc is just simply on or only i am usin internet no other stuff the GPU would run on the same core clock or it get lower?
  6. It lower its clocks in order to save power while you surf/do nothing.

    Don't go on the specs of the card anymore(leave all those technical terms aside,like core clock and all) .They will just confuse you.

    The main thing is that both cards perform the same.

    1gb vram is utilised at higher resolutions,above 16X10.
    So get it only you game that high.Otherwise 512MB is good enough.

    The 4850 is cheaper so go with that.
  7. And ya........
    GTS 250 is also a good choice.
    I suggest 4850 only fo its price.
  8. ok i also use rightnow 4830 but here even on tom i see ppl say tht 4850 got hotter is it true wht u say abt it
  9. Well ppl also say 9800GT gets upto 95c During play.But mine goes only upto 60c and that too in a warm climate.

    Hottness depends from card to card.Some piece of same card may get hot while other will not.

    Don't worry the card will be well within the temps limit.You may even OC it!

    4850 is one great card and beats all its competitors.
  10. ok thx buddy ur help is really helpfull for me to understand the certain things specially tht stream process issue now i will tell my friend for both the cards its his choice now wht he want to buy one more thing which i want to clearify is dose the 4850 also behave in the same pattern like Gts 250 regarding this matter below

    It lower its clocks in order to save power while you surf/do nothing?

    dose same thing work in 4850?
  11. Yea...All those save energy.

    Get what comes cheaper.
  12. ha ok thx buddy also tell me how can i chk it out i mean the GPU wht software i need to see either its running on the default core clock or at reduce speed? and if u can help me with a screen shot thts would be so awesome
  13. Some shots of my 9800GT.



    Compare default clocks to idle clocks.
  14. http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/09/09/16/fap.png


    right now i am only using the net and nothing why it wont show the lower GPU?
    can u explain pls thts really weird
  15. http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/09/05/11/4eu.png

    This screenshot confirms that 48XX series lowers its clocks when idle.

    I am not so advanced in this GPU business...So you may have to find the answer yourself.Google it and see more GPU-Z shots on google images.

    Maybe that helps.
  16. http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/09/09/16/7hx.png

    Another screenshot of my cards clocks.

    It stays at max clock for sometime when you open GPU-Z.
    It takes some time to lower itself.

    Observe it again.Wait at least 15secs to change its clocks.
  17. Sorry, but "HD LCD" doesn't mean anything. Most consumer LCDs are "TN pannels", and are junk for colors. If you want good colors, you need a CRT, or a "IPS" pannel. CRTs are best for colors because they don't use a back light, nor do they use "dithering".

    With todays video cards, its more important to look at the monitor then the card. Your looking at current gen cards, so the picture quality should be about the same. (the 4850 is slightly newer then the GTS250, so it might be a hair better, but I doubt you'd be able to tell.) The monitor you pick will influence the colors seen much more then the video card will.
  18. @shubham
    i have question i hope u will clear it out, u said as in ur above mention post tht both the cards XFX GTS250/4850, work in the same way how come, cos wht i have seen the GTS250 default coreclock 738 Mhz and 4850 coreclock is 625Mhz, so if i want to run the game on 700mhz or more then i have to overclock the 4850 and on other hand GTS250 run at 738Mhz without any overclocking on so how the perfromance will be the same pls help me out make me understand this and the reason i asked cos i am not so much in over clocking thts why i hope u got my point wait for ur reply
  19. Quote:
    so if i want to run the game on 700mhz

    Your post stops making sense right there. Keep in mind there are many things that effect the video cards performance and clock speed is only one of them. The 4850 and the GTS250 are more or less equal cards. Study video card technology if you want to learn why, or accept this as fact if you don't care.
  20. Wow .. just wow.

    Listen, the core clocks aren't what you need to worry about. There are things called benchmarks which test the actual power of the GPU. So what they're saying is this .. even though the clock speeds are slower, the card performs the same. There are other variables that come into play other than core clock and memory clock which determine the actual raw power of these cards. Like it was said above .. core clocks and such will confuse you. My 4850 ran at 800MHZ OC'ed and my new Radeon 5870 almost runs the same core speed. However the difference in power is like night and day. See what I mean?
  21. Oh, and as far as my experience is concerned .. ATI makes cards that give you better color depth and clarity. Especially during basic desktop use. But gaming as well. Nvidia makes great cards as well, but ATI tends to have the edge as far as color clarity is concerned. I'd get the 4850 as well.
  22. so jsh1284 ur saying 4850 is better than gts250 right. i agree with u DUDE
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