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Hey Guys,

I'm currently running an i7 950 at 4.0GHz (200x20) 1600Mhz (1602 Mhz with the CPU overclock) 12GB CORSAIR XMS3s (6GB kits which per the sticks, should run at 7-8-7-20) on an X58 FTW3 EVGA MOBO and 2 EVGA 580s.

The CPU never exceeds 69c after 30 mins of P95. I am having problems stabilizing the ram's timings. I am currently running them "stable" (ran memtest for 1.5 hours) at 9-10-9-29 1T since I am not able to get them down to "what they are qualified to run" I am pretty new at these timings and I've only played with the voltage for the QPI which I have raised from 1.1 to 1.375 (bottom of the green arc in the bios is 1.4) and the DIMM voltage from 1.5 to 1.65 which shows up green on my Bios "bottom of the gree arc."

I really don't know what is affecting me here and I would like to know if you guys know if I am missing something, if I should tweak something else, if the 12 GB is causing instability and if you think in a game such as FSX and BF3 these timings would make a notable and worth fighting for difference. I ran 3dmark 11 with the lower timings and got a X4064 while at the current timings I get X4045. This looks quite small and useless. I am not a benchmarking crazy person. I just did the tests to compare. I am more inclined towards the effects of my two games' performances (FSX, BF3)

I will appreciate any input and thank you guys for your help!

Happy Creepy Halloween! :o
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  1. try refreshing your bios, then just ajust frequency's and voltages, much easier :P
  2. You will need to post exactly which memory modules you are running for me to be of better help. But I can mention that you usually need to put them in xmp mode to get the better timings. Mine run at 9-9-9-24 timings at stock speed of 1333 and when you crank up the xmp to 1600 they run at 7-7-7-20. Is that what you mean by "what they are qualified to run"? If so and you put them in xmp mode it usually ups the voltage for you. Normally, they're labeled - speed @ voltage. or, for example. 1600MHz @ 1.65v or something to that effect. But that's when you use the xmp mode. Also, make sure your uncore clock ratio is set to twice the memory speed.

    You might have to up your cpu/pll voltage to 1.88v & IOH Core to 1.12v. You mentioned raising your QPI to 1.375v, that's the QPI/VTT right? Not the QPI/PLL? The QPI/PLL should be fine with 1.12 to 1.18v instead of the 1.10v. A couple more voltage changes I find most overclockers use are CPU Clock drive set to 800mV and PCI Express Clock Drive set to 900mV. Hope this helps.
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