PC won't boot unless a VGA monitor is plugged in!!!

Hi all.

Awhile back my pc wouldn't boot. I tried everything I could think of including replacing the PS. But them I stumbled on this...if I plug in my old monitor (the one with the 9 pin VGA connector) it would boot! (my card as 2 connectors...vga and HDMI (?))
There is no option in the bios as far as I can see that would affect this? Any ideas? Did my v-card go bad? (Radeon 4670)

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  1. You mean the monitor does not work unless you use the VGA port? Did you enter the settings on the monitor and set it to use the HDMI connection? Some monitors you must select which input you want to use.
    Just because you cannot see the GUI on the monitor does not mean the computer will not boot.
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear...was in a rush.

    There are two connections on this video card; one of each (Actually there is a third; DVI connection as well) and I have two monitors; one of each connection type. If just the VGA monitor is plugged in or if BOTH are plugged, all is well. If only the HDMI monitor is used, it doesn't appear to boot. I'm fairly certain it is not booting becasue I don't hear only post codes at all.

    The video card was added to this machine several months ago and it worked fine with just the HDMI monitor for a long time. Then it (appeared) to stop booting. It took me a long time to try the VGA monitor (or both) and it works. But with just the HDMI monitor; it does not.

    I wonder if the video went bad and that is the problem? I guess I should root around my spare parts pile and see if I have another video card to swap out and try...
  3. hey - i had the same problem as you.

    maybe this will work for you (i hope):

    basically, whatever is getting the hdmi signal needs to be off or on another input for my pc to boot up.

    i have an asus p5q-em mobo (windows 7) with an hdmi going to my projector.

    if my projector is turned on and is on the hdmi input, my pc wouldn't do anything when trying to boot or reboot.

    but if i turn my projector to the component input instead (or turn the projector off altogether), the pc boots up fine w/ just an hdmi wire coming out of it.

    it took me 3 days of experimentation to get this to work.

    it's probably a mobo issue as it's probably trying to communicate with the hdmi output source for something and it doesn't like what's going on.

    try it and i hope this solves your dilemma...
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