BF3 Using more VCore than IBT, and LLC Question

2500k @4.5GHz

offset voltage + 0.01

IBT load vcore: [1.296] [1.304 - mainly stays here] [1.312]

BF3 load vcore [1.32] [1.328 - mainly stays here] [1.336]

Why is it that IBT uses less VCORE than BF3 when all cores are at 100% load, whereas bf3 is about 65% load?

Also i have LLC medium to get stable. Is this bad for any components as it is supplying emergency voltage to enable voltage fluctuations; would it be better on the CPU to have a higher Vcore but LLC off?

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  1. Anyone experiencing this also? I am curious as to why this happens and LLC
  2. More load means more vdroop.
    IBT is more straining than BF3 so there's a larger vdroop and thus a lower vcore.
    LLC is supposed to make up for the vdroop.
    IMO don't set it on high but instead try to find a LLC level that provides minimum negative vdroop without going positive on load.
  3. Oh i see, thanks for the reply.

    LLC is currently at medium, you suggest i should not go any further?
  4. I think you'll be fine.
  5. Well, I moved LLC up to high and set a negative offset, although there are 5 options for LLC: regular, medium, high, very high and extreme.

    Moving up to high reduced Vdroop considerably and now i am getting load voltages of:

    [1.296] [1.304] [1.312] @4.5GHz

    in comparison to what i was having to do to get stable on medium LLC.
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