9.9 drivers running games horribly.

ever since i updated to 9.9 from 9.6 today certain games have been running horribly. namely RE5 and Batman AA which i picked up this morning. under 9.6 both games demo/benchmark ran very, but when i updated to 9.9 my frames were cut by 2/3rds. at first i thought it might be some driver conflict so i made sure uninstalled 9.6 properly and did a fresh install of 9.9, didnt work. i then went back to 9.6 and the performance still persisted even though i switched back. i tried uninstalling and re install in safe mode as well as using Driver Sweeper, but the problems are still there.

RE5 especially is acting a bit weird. it takes a full minute to load the game and another minute if i want to change settings. in order to get a playable framerate i had to change the hdr in the ini file to HIGH from LOW, then i started getting my old frames back although anti aliasing still didnt work O_o

anyone have some ideas? :(

maybe a file im missing or driver sweeper isnt getting rid of? i remember a few files it couldnt clean.

Q9550 2.8ghz
2gb ddr2 800
HD4850 512mb
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  1. Or driver sweeper has wiped something it shouldn't have. :??:
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