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I apologize if this is the incorrect forum, but I believe this is mostly a PSU question.

Last week I ordered an Acer Aspire Q8300 system through a decent deal posted on slickdeals. I got it with the expectation that I'd be able to tack in extra RAM from my old system, toss on a nice graphics card, and have a very inexpensive rig for my light-to-mid gaming.

Upon delivery, I started the system successfully. I added the RAM, also sucessfully. The build came with a dinky 300w PSU that didn't even have a 6-pin connector for my Radeon 3870, though. No worries, I wanted to put in my trusty Antec 500w regardless.

I pretty easily disconnected the old PSU, hooked up the new one, only to have the computer not boot up. No fans, zilch. I pulled out the Antec and tried it on an old intel Mobo I have, and it successfully spun up on that one. So, the Antec seems to be operable. Also tried the 300w Liteon in that old box, also successful.

For some profanity-causing reason, the Antec will does not seem compatible with this Aspire. Is there some way beyond my limited technical knowledge that a prebuilt system like this would disallow a replacement PSU? I have re-tried the installation several times now, with and without the graphics card in place, to no avail. The Liteon boots up, the Antec doesn't. My head hurts.
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  1. has an adapter for use with any 4 pin molex power supply connector to convert it to a 6 pin pci-e connector for your 3870 video card. It's $2.49 plus shipping. Sorry I can't post a link. This will allow you to use your acer 300w ps.
  2. providing the PSU you are trying to use has all the correct power connectors for the motherboard then it should work.

    Check each one to make sure they are fully inserted - sometimes a not properly seated connector can cause a ssystem not to boot.
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