Antec KÜHLER 620 or Corsair H60?

Hi guys! So I got a Z68 board with an i5 2500k and 2 6970's. I decided to go with water cooling because I will be slightly OC'ing, I want my operation to be silent, and I don't want a bulky aftermarket air cooler so it doesn't mess up my case airflow.

I've read many reviews that the Antec 620 keeps your cpu definitely cooler than the H60, and it's significantly cheaper. The only thing is half my computer is Corsair.... and I know their warranty is much better.

I think the pricepoint sold me on the Antec, because I just need a basic liquid cooler, but do any of you guys know which cooler actually performs better?

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    Antec Kühler H2O 620 and Corsair H60

    The only direct review I could find between the H60 and the Antec 620, but its translated. Still valid info from looking at independent reviews I have found on other sites of the two coolers. About equal performance on the stock fans.

    Silent it is not, however. 46dB idle and 68dB under full load. Every review I have seen on these two units suggest that they do not even match the cooling ability of the most commonly used air cooling solutions. Many of these air cooled units are even quieter than either of these "all in one" water cooling solutions.

    If it were my dime, and I am fully aware it is not, I would either go with one of the air cooling solutions, or pony up the extra money for a better water cooling solution.

  2. Thank you! Exactly what I needed! Now I have another question, I'll make a new post for that. Thanks again!
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