4 GB Memory Installed But Only 3.25 Showing

About a year ago I put in 4GB memory, everything worked fine.

Until I reinstalled windows, now it's only showing 3.25.

What is the problem here? Can I get it back?
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  1. If you're running Windows XP, that's normal. It won't show the full 4GB but you have it.
  2. I'm running Vista
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    IF you are on a 32 bit version of the OS then that is normal - 32 bit programs can only address 4GB of memory (since 4GB = 2^32 address spaces) in total (this includes the video memory pages and upper level memory space reserved for the OS ) which leaves about 3.25 GB of addressable memory still available for system RAM - to use more than that requires going to a 64 bit version of the OS which can address 2^64 address spaces.
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  5. Thanks!
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