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After booting up the computer I just finished assembling, I was able to get the Windows 7 DVD to start up. I started the installatioin process and was asked about partitioning.

I would like to set up two drives, one for Windows 7 (20gb should do?) and the rest for my files. I navigated myself to the advanced setup, and got to the screen where I can add, delete, extend, or format the disks.

Without me doing anything, it says "Disk 0 Unallocated Space 465GB". I can select that disk which allows me to press the "New" button. Without the disk selected, I cannot create a new partition. So I select the Disk 0 and hit "New" and enter in 20,000MB. That creates TWO new partitions. (Since they all say Disc 0 does that represent the hard drive they are on?) The two new partitions I created are "Disk 0 Partition 2 19.4 GB" and "Disk 0 Partitions 1: System Reserved". The "Disk 0 Unallocated Space" is still there, but is 20GB less.

I can select the new partition with 20GB and continue the installation, which will install Windows 7 onto that partition, correct? Will this come up as Drive C? and the unallocated space will be designated as Drive D? What is the "System Reserved 100MB", and what will that show up as?

Why doesn't it just say C and D, making things a whole lot more understandable....

This is my first time building a computer, let alone installing an OS from scratch. Maybe I'm unaware of what partitioning actually is. enlighten me, please.
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  1. 20 gig is NOT enough for your OS , since your applications will also be in that partition . With games often needing 5 - 10 gb each a 20 gig partiton is not going to be much help .

    i never partition a hard drive the way you are doing . Too few advantages to be worth while IMO . The only time ist worth doing is if you have a second , maybe external hdd, and imaging software that will let you make a complete copy of the OS + apps so you can recover from a disaster more quickly . There are no other advantages .

    If you want to do it your way create a single partition of about 100 gig [ or more ] , install windows on it and get the machine booting . Once booted into windows use disk management to partition and format the rest of the free space
  2. @Schoff - The system is going to reserve a small part of your hard drive for it's own uses. Don't worry about it. It's small enough that you won't miss it. Also, it won't show up as a drive (C: or D: ).

    If you install Windows 7 on the new 20GB partition, when the install is finished, you'll only see the 20 GB C: Drive in windows explorer. You'll need to go into Control Panel --> System and Security --> Create and Format Hard Drive Partitions (under Administrative Tools). This brings up the Disk Management window that allows you to format the remaining unallocated hard drive space to your D: drive.

    I do agree with Outlander in that 20GB is a bit low for a C: Drive. I'd probably kick it up to at least 80 GB (though my personal preference is a two physical drive system).

    -Wolf sends
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