Will the Kuhler 620 fit in my NZXT Phantom case?

Hey guys,

I know the NZXT can't fit the H60 with the 200mm fan on the top, does the same apply for the Kuhler 620?

I have the default case configuration (2 120mm on side panel, 1 120mm on top of the rear, and 1 200mm case on the top) and I also am in the process of getting 1 200mm (next to the other top fan as an intake fan) and a 140mm fan(intake on the bottom of the front panel, near my drive bays).

Here is what the case interior looks with the default fan configuration:

I doubt I can fit the radiator on without it conflicting with the 200mm fan, do you guys have any ideas what I should do?

I'm thinking I'll sit one fan on the back of the case, with the radiator sitting in the direct same spot in the case and another fan ontop of it. Here is it explained in a diagram. Would that work? What should I do?

Air=>|Fan|->|[radiator]|Fan|->Case |

Thanks guys, I hope I have options, I don't want to take the 200mm fan completely like this guy did:

I found this video as a reference:

it seems he found away to fit the H60 with the radiator and fan and still keep the 200mm fan on there. Any ideas?
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  1. There is always a way.

    First off it seems that NZXT has redesigned the top rear fan mounting holes in response to customer concern over the inability to mount the H50/60 rads in that location. I am not sure if your case has the 1st gen mounting holes (round) or the 2nd gen holes (oval).

    Reference Pics.
    First gen mounting holes.

    Second gen holes.

    This small amount of additional wiggle room is reported to be enough to mount the rad in that location. I have seen a few posts that state there may need to be some trimming to the upper 200mm fan case for room, and other posts saying this was unnecessary.

    There may also be interference by the side panel fan as well. The solution to this problem is again trimming of the side panels fan housing and possibly not using one of the screws to mount it. I have yet to be able to find pics of this mod. NZXT's 200mm fans are also not true 200mm, they are 192mm fans. This makes it hard to simply replace them with thinner units, as you have to use NZXT fans, or your left with doing more mods.

    There are a few other possible solutions I have run across for alternate locations of mounting the rad. Most of the rads you will see being used are the H60. Your Antec 620 is the same height as the H60, its just a little thicker, so if an H60 fits a location at its height, your 620 will as well.

    Alternate rad. Locations

    In this setup you will loose one of your top 200mm fans, but it allows push-pull of your 620, no issues with interference of the side panel fan, and improved case flow.

    I do not like this setup, it eats up too much space, and just looks unfinished. But it shows an option.

    There are countless things you can do, the limit is your imagination and drive. What I would do is try the rear top case fan mount position and see where you stand. From there you will be able to see what needs to be done and compare that to the work involved in other locations. Decide where you want it to be, and make it happen. A few basic tools, a little planning, and some time, and you are golden.

    Hope this helps.
  2. You know, this is so confusing because people tell me theirs (H60 or 620) all fit inside the case in push-pull config without moving anything, and others tell me they have problems. So many mixed results!

    I do like the mods :) Although I'm looking for something a lot more simple. I'm pretty sure I have the second gen mounting holes.

    If I find that I can't install the push-pull config all inside the case I will probably do a very simple setup such as.

    |Fan|=>[Radiator]=>{|Fan|=> Case }

    radiator outside of case


    |Fan|=>{[Radiator]=>|Fan|=> Case }

    radiator inside of case.

    Both setups will be intake (I think in both of these setups as intake would run cooler then exhaust, and the air that is being blown into the case will be exhausted out the top as it heats).

    Is that simple enough to work? Thanks again :)
  3. Sounds simple enough, but untill you have the parts in hand its hard to tell. I'm sure you will make it work one way or the other. As far as intake or exhaust being the better setup, you'd have to ask someone with much more experience than me, and I'm sure they will chime in here soon enough.

    I'm still learning a lot about computer building myself. The mods and layout are easy, its all the little things like airflow, compatibility, tech specs of components, and such that I need to learn. I'm new to PC's, but I've been modding EVERYTHING my whole life. :D

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