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hello community,i am very new to pc gaming and pc's in general,i have a phenom 9650 quad core pc with 4 gig ram,i have just introduced the sapphire 4870 1 gig gfx card,i have just done a 3d mark vantage benchtest and my score is p8151,cpu 7487 and gpu is 8399,my op system is vista 32 bit btw! as i am ne to computing i would like to know if this score is ok? i really have no idea? thank you
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  1. I don't know if your score is on-par with similar systems, but with 4GB RAM and a 1GB grapics card, I would seriously consider a 64-bit OS, perhaps even getting Windows 7 RTM when it becomes available. It's free for the time-being, and it offers a few performance enhancements vs Vista.
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