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  1. 1] Are they retail FX 8150, if so 4.7ghz ish is the best you can do on air, guarenteed prime95 failure if the chip is of good quality then you may get 5ghz like I have seen one hit and pass 12 hours of Prime95.

    2] If it is a non-retail chip, they have much higher build quality 6ghz + on air and 7 + on a good closed water loop sytem.
  2. I see the Bulldozer 9ghz vid has showed up again, two issues 1] liquid helium thats like -40 degrees centigrade 2] it was done on a single core. simple fact of life, less cores greater overclock, so Frizzo is by and large correct, if you can keep your heat down then you can push a solitairy core further than 4 or more.
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  4. Lets try getting back on topic and don't mess this up.

    The ONLY time that stock clock plays a role in overclocking is higher-binning. This is not done with CPUs but with GPUs. GPUs with higher stock clocks are usually better overclockers than other GPUs with lower clocks because they've been selected as ones that can overclock higher than the others.

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