Voltage too high??

I recently built an office/entertainment PC for my dad. I put http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104261 (Kingston 4GB, 1600Mhz, CAS9) in it. I just noticed on Newegg that the voltage is 1.7-1.9V which seems pretty high to me. (The site I bought it from never mentioned the voltage)
How simple is it to lower the voltage?? Is it just a case of going into the BIOS and lowering it there??
Also I would like to tighten the timings to CAS8 or CAS7 if I can.
Could you guys link me to a tutorial that would explain it all to a newb like me??
Cheers :)
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  1. Yes you would go onto bios and lower it. If you're going to use tighter timings, you might need to use the higher end of voltage specification. Best way is to experiment and test. Why not go with two sticks of lower voltage dual channel ram?
  2. Hi.

    Correct, in you BIOS should exist an option for change the DRAM voltage.
  3. If you set the voltage too low, then your RAM won't work properly. You should set the voltage to whatever the RAM specifications call for.
  4. Would it cause permanent damage if I lower the voltage too much??
  5. Why damage? If your rise it you can damage, if you lower the worst thing that can happen is that your rig won't boot. In that case just rise the voltage a little and try again.
  6. Cheers will do :)
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