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GTX 295 ? HD 5870? which one is stronger?

I heard that new HD 5870 will be launch soon. can anybody tell and prove that GTX 295 and HD 5870 which one is better?

my system .

i7 860

asus p7p55d pro

OCZ gold 3*2gb memo.

750W 80plus psu.

:hello: thank you.
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  1. Id wait a week for benches, preliminary leaks show the 5870 to be possibly more powerful

    first its not out yet but the 5870 looks stronger you have to wait a few more days to find out
  4. welcome............... just read the old posts theres a lot of talk about the new ati 5870
  5. u'll need dual channel memory for your lga 1156 i7 rig....i7 860 uses 2x ram, i7 920 uses 3x ram...
  6. Depending on "early" benchmarks it very well may be faster for a much cheaper price. I'd definitely wait for some more reputable testing from reliable sites before drawing any conclusions though.
  7. Not to mention the 5870 will get you prepped for direct x11. Rumors are/were you may be able to flash the 295 to direct x11 capability but that's a lot of money to sink into a card for an "IF". That's why I ended up with a cheaper 275 until the direct x11 cards are out and it becomes visible as to which new cards will be the right pick for my needs. Then you only need windows 7 to top it off... ;)
  8. You also have to realize that the price is more than likely going to be cheaper on the 5870. DX11, plus your board supports SLI and Crossfire, and with the 295, you have to GPUS instead of just one, so you have the ability to add 3 more 5870s. so wait a few days see the benchmarks, and unless the 295 blows it out of the water, the 5870 is going to be the way to go for you.
  9. A slightly overclocked 5870 supposedly plays Crysis with 40FPS average, I think. 32 FPS minimum, and the GTX295 averages 34FPS. (This is all read from past threads here...don't take it on me..).
  10. How about a slight over-(Locked) thread...because this is pointless.
  11. is the 2010 Camry stronger than the 2011? even though the 11 isn't out yet?
  12. L1qu1d said:
    is the 2010 Camry stronger than the 2011? even though the 11 isn't out yet?

    Not if you supercharge the 2010 and add some NOS
  13. fail
  14. we can't add nos in these cards can we ;)
  15. No, we can't tell you which card is better: no official reviews have been published yet.
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