What is defect? my cpu, motherboard or psu??


Just bought some cheap pieces for 150$ but i end up with no POST :(

after some troubleshooting here's where im at:

With only 24pin plugged in the motherbaord, the fan works. With both 24 and 4pins plugged, just nothing happens.
Since its a cheap board i have no leds or speaker neither does my cheap case :/

PSU: Rosewill ISO-450 tested with the "hotwiring" trick ( )
Motherboard: Foxconn G41M-S (brand new)
CPU: old P4 630 3ghz (Was working number 1 but its been on a shelter for months now)

The problem seems to come with the 4pin in the board. I am wondering what piece of hardware causes this.
Is it possible that a defect 4pin plug from my psu stop my motherboard from atleast turning on?
Is the motherboard doa?
Is the cpu finaly dead?

how can i troubleshoot more without to pay for replacement parts or ripping my other pc apart ?

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    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    You need a case speaker for troubleshooting.

    Once you have a case speaker, the PSU, motherboard, and the CPU; if you boot and you get silence, one of the three is bad. Your only choice is to test by substitution.
  2. What he said.

    And he means internal PC speaker (not proper speakers).
    Will be cheap, or just pull it from something else. I must have like 10 of them at home.
  3. Tried with another pc's speaker but it doesnt beep at all with or without the 4 pin.
    Without the 4 pin cpu connector plugged in the motherboard, atleast the fan starts. When i plug the 4pin just nothin happens.

    What next? If i have to go by substitution, what do you recommend to try first?
  4. perhaps the psu is at fault? I have yet to have a motherboard completely die on me but then again I usually buy decent mobos and not cheap ones.
  5. Well it'll either be PSU, Motherboard, or failing that the CPU itself.
    If you have any spares to swap in/out do that. If you don't have spares, and don't want to take it to a shop (where they will have spares to test with), then only option is to buy one part at a time until the problem is solved.

    I normally do the latter, and use it as a chance to upgrade.

    It would be great if someone came in with a definate answer, but chances are the options above will be the result.

    I'd start with motherboard and/or PSU, and CPU as last resort OR take it to a competent shop.
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