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Hello everybody !
I am looking for a LGA 775 platform motherboard and after I view many offers, there remained only 2 motherboards :

MSI P43T-C51



Both cards have similar specifications, the same chipset (Intel P43) and a very close price.
If you were to chose between these 2 motherboards, which one is most recommended ?
Any advice is wellcome.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. I would recommend the ASUS mobo, because I have had very good experiences with ASUS in the past and present. I'm currently using the P7P55D EVO by ASUS, and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. Updates are available at the ASUS website for virtually any utility or driver you need, for every mainstream OS out there.

    I have to admit, though. I am biased. I have never used an MSI board, so I'm recommending based on my experiences.
  2. Actually, i agree, stick with ASUS, MSI is a good brand, but as far as motherboards go (at least LGA 775) ASUS & Gigabyte are tops. I have an ASUS LGA 775 motherboard and i love it, not one issue at all. Also, the OC interface in the BIOS is pretty easy.
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