Troubles with eSATA port on Qosmio X505

When using the USB 2.0 port on my Qosmio X505 Toshiba laptop, my G-SAFE 3 TB Raid 1 backup system is recognized as a 3 TB external hard drive. However, when I use the eSATA port on the Qosmio X 505 the G-SAFE 3 TB hard drive is only "recognized" as a 1 TB hard drive. Anyone have any help with this problem? G-SAFE manufacturers claim the Toshiba Qosmio X 505 eSATA controller is at fault, and cannot recognize the 3 TB unit so the controller defaults to a 1 TB scenario.
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  1. What does Toshiba have to say to this?
  2. Toshiba is still researching the problem. Their tech support updated the BIOS. So far, Toshiba thinks it's G-SAFE's problem, while G-SAFE tech support feels it's the Toshiba eSATA controller failing to recognize anything larger than a 2TB external drive.
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