Sudden power supply shutdown!!

Hey guys, have a problem here. My corsair 850w power supply took a nose dive last night. I'm at college and we had a quick power surge so all of the electricity on campus suddenly went off then back on. I turned my comp back on and everything seemed to be alright, about an hour later though it suddenly shut off mid IM session. I didn't think too much of it and turned it back on, the led's on my comp and motherboard started flickering as though it was trying to turn on but after 20 seconds of flickering it shut down, and this unfortunately has been the case since then. I know it's not the motherboard since I put my old n680i back in and it too had the flickering problem. So I assume its my PSU; there's a computer repair store in town but do you think they would be able to do anything to fix the psu? Also, if someone could possibly just tell me exactly what they think went wrong, so I can go to the IT department in my school and bitch them out and hopefully get some left over PSU for now. Thanks a bunch and any help is appreciated?

My specs:
EVGA 780i mobo
Intel Q9650 3.0 ghz
2 Nvidia 9800gtx
4 gigs ddr2
Corsair 850w ps

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  1. any help would be appreciated, thx!!
  2. If the PSU is dead, its dead, there is no repairing a PSU. Take the PSU out of the case and try the paper clip trick to see if it is truly totally dead

    I wouldnt take any random PSU your school had, you probably have a fairly high draw at idle and at load would easily overwhelm any workstation level PSU. If the paper clip trick does not work for you i suggest buying a new one ASAP, newegg shipping is usually pretty good so you should be up and running again in a few days.
  3. Ill try the paper clip trick, but you think it's completely dead even though I still get some power? All this from a power surge?? jeezee
  4. Nexter wrote: "All this from a surge??"

    Hey, that surge could have fried your motherboard or anything else plugged into it.

    With the paperclip trick, the main wires should read:
    yellow to black (ground) - +12 volts
    red to black - +5 volts
    orange to black - +3.3 volts

    The PowerOK line (gray) should rise to 5 volts when the paper clip shorts the green and black wires.

    Remember, the paperclip takes the place of the power switch, so you only need to short the lines momentarily.

    And like the guy in the link says, there's no danger of shock. There's only about 5 volts at around 2 to 5 ma (thousands of a amp) on the line.
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