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Hi guys and gals, i was monitoring my system temp's with hardware monitor from CPU-z site and i just noticed something scary.

My SYS temp was at maximum of 84C or 183F witch is wow..should i be worried?

My sys spec are as listed on the member configuration.
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  1. I would be very worried there. Nothing in your computer should go above 80C under normal usage, save for the video card. But even that is a rare case.
  2. I don't remember to go that high before. I will try to monitor again now.
  3. When does it happen? When the computer is idle? Or when you game? Or when you deliberately run a stress test?

    Of course, it might be an inconsistency of the thermal sensor. It happens sometime that the temperature spikes to 80C then drops back to what it was before.
  4. When i game but i can not know if it just goes high for a few seconds, the max temperature reading was 84C. After a wile any game i play starts to get an effect of low frames/s..could that be it?
  5. That means your CPU is throttling itself because of very high temperatures. It lowers its clock speed to reduce heat output, because apparently, your system doesn't cool very well. Does your case have good airflow? Did you place your cooler properly?
  6. The cooling is ok, my CPu has a few options disabled from bios witch gives always a maximum power and speed so there is no changing the multiplier at any time. The CPU temps are ok, i documented myself about this, the only thing is "that temperature" and if it could have anything to do with that game problem.
    Never noticed it before and i have it overclocked for a wile now.
  7. So did this start happening recently? Would you be able to trace where this "SYS" temperature sensor is? It's might not be the CPU at all, because it has its own temp sensors. Maybe one of your chipset coolers are loose?
  8. I know it is not about the CPU. Well now i've played Mass effect 2 and the temps are 33c system so i think..hope that was an error or something, will get back in 1-2 ores to see if it went high again.
  9. Well i think i found what it was. I moved my NB heat sink just a little wile the PC was on, bad mistake. Not the max was 37C at full load after a few ores of gaming.
    Got a little scared there:). Thanks for trying to help.
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