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Iam using Palit GTX 260 CORE 216 SONIC CARD......I bought it last month....its pre-overlocked to 625mhz and fan speed set default 40%....i wanted to know my GPU i downloaded GPU Z to check them temp......and the reading it showed me was between 55-60 @ idle and 64-68 @ max after playing Crysis Warhead for 2 Gamer settings 1600 x 900 Reso......My cabby has OK Airflow not that has only 2 120MM fans and 1 80mm fan...Now i want know should i increase my fan speed or these temp reading are normal?..If you guys think, i need to increase my fan speed then please tell me how ? because iam n00b in this

P.S - My Room temp 28... :)

My Full Config

AMD P2 X4 940 3.2GHZ QUAD
Windows 7 32 bit
CM 650w Extreme power plus.....
Custom made Korean design Power king ....ATX Mid Tower Cabby with Anti-Dust filters.
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  1. Your temps are fine. Some Nvid cards reach the 80's, while the ATI cards sometimes get to over 100 o.o

    Download RivaTuner (I think that's the name), and you can increase fan speed from there. You could also get an expansion slot fan that blows directly on the card, if you're worried.
  2. Thanx....How u increase speed thru Riva tuner....will it work with Windows 7 ?? how much should i increase.??...i don't want it to go above 60% speed.....So please help me....Is their any GTX 260 owner here ??
  3. you can also use EVGA Precision. on the interfaces there are slides to change the fan speed though i've never tried it since my card has passive cooler HS. :)

    before that i tried using riva tuner but it has problem detecting new version of drivers on my pc so i'm using precision instead. and yes it works for all Nvidia card, not just card made by EVGA. (mine was Gigabyte)
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