Pentium e6500 vs pentium e5200

well im upgradeing my pc im getting 2gb gskill ram,corsair 400 watt psu,xfx 4770,and a cheap rosewill case and the thing im hung up on is the cpu i all ready have a mobo so im going to get the 775 cpu and im limited to $100 so i was thinking the e6500 witch is $95 or the e5200 witch is $65 but i dount want to have to overclock to not bottleneck witch i was worrted about with the e5200 and the 4770
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    The 6300 is obviously the better choice if you have the cash and dont want to over clock.
  2. not the e6300 the e6500
  3. The E6500 is even better than the E6300.
  4. No contest, the e6300 between the two choices is the better CPU.
  5. ^+1. Assuming no OC.
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