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Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to share a picture of a SFF case (23L) with a HD5970. I think you might be interested, at least people looking for lots of power in a small space.

I posted about DA BOX (www.lan-gear.com) before but now that we have something ore concrete, I'm looking for your advice on what to improve. The case should come out end of November, beginning of December.
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  1. How's the ventilation, airflow, and cooling? Have you done any thermal testing?
  2. what a 5890? since when?????
  3. Hehe, since we have access to one for the review.
    We have done some thermal testing with a crossfire of HD 4870. So here there are:

    To simplify, the airflow is front to back on one side, with air intake on GPU for crossfire set up, and front/side to back on the other side.
  4. OK!

    What was the ambient room temperature when the thermal testing was done?

    I went to your web site and looked at all the photos. I noticed there is a fan mounted in the front panel directly in front of the video card. You can see it in the photo above. When I looked at a photo of the exterior of the front panel I did not see an opening for that fan. How come?

    The fan directly over the rear of the video card is mounted at an angle so it can exhaust air out the rear panel. Why not simply mount it in the top panel?

    How's the cable management?

    Is the side window panel standard or optional?
  5. also wouldn't be better if you opt for corsair H50 watter cooling instead if scythe heatsink?
    it will save some space to improve internal air circulation...
  6. Stupido - Corsair offers excellent high quality power supplies. Unfortunately I don't think the same can be said for their H50 water cooling. In addition a lot of progress has been made with air cooling the last couple fo years.
  7. Hi all,

    The ambient temperature for the crossfire of 4870 was 21.5C.
    The opening for the fan on the front is on the bottom of the case, in between the front pannel and the chassis (there is a 20mm * 240mm gap).
    For the number, this is my mistake. It's a HD5970, bi GPU.
    Regarding watercooling, yes, you can install a H50 but the objective is to have a small Micro ATX case (23L or less) that fits high end, huge monster, high performing air cooled heatsinks. And the GPU(s) that go with them. ;)
  8. Just to let you know that pre-orders are starting for DA BOX. Price starts at $159.99. The 5970 doesn't come with it. ;)
  9. Here's mine using 902 microfly matx case.

  10. Hey,
    How are you guys liking your Da Box's? I am looking to put my full tower into a sff case to transport to school and back and have been looking at the Antec Mini P180, but this is very tempting. I plan on using an evga micro x58 with my i7 920 and 2 GTX 460's.
    How are the temps and noise? What CPU cooler do you use?
    Let me know. Thanks!!
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