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Any good reviews? Anyone actually have this motherboard? All I see are reviews about its SPECS and no actual feedback with reliability or overclocking...
I am planning on upgrading from my vague Dell (dx58so) motherboard specifically for overclocking purposes and future proof it with new processors and usb 3/sata 6gb.s...
Also how is this "express-gate" or instant-on feature by ASUS? Anyone use this? sounds really good to turn on a computer instantly to be able to browse online which this mobo is supposed to support...
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  1. I can't comment on the P6X58, but I can tell you that instant-on by Dell has always been spotty. You're basically loading a small version of Windows, which is still a bit slow. My suggestion is that, if you're using Windows 7, is to just put the computer to sleep. It's much faster, and power consumption is minimal.
  2. Ok, so I have this mobo. The express-gate feature is basically a tiny OS embedded in this motherboard's firmware. If you leave it enabled in BIOS, it gives you an option of entering it within few seconds after initial power on. Upon entering, you can have a very basic functionality of browsing internet, using Skype and a handful of other programs. I guess it could be useful if your main OS is down for whatever reason and you need to check something real quick. But other than that, it's nothing to be excited over. If I can load my main OS, I'll wait a minute or two. Oh, yeah, and it's actually running in a little window on my 1900X1080 monitor since it can only support 1024X768 max resolution (or close to it) and it uses maybe like 16 colors total.

    The mobo itself is fine. No glitches and lots of features. I got my i7 920 to 4Ghz w/ Scythe Mugen II 73C under load. It plays all of my games fine, but Prime95 hangs up after an hour. So, I may need to tweak it a little more. The room is still there: vcore is only 1.25V and its 200X20, everything else on auto.
  3. does it have some coil noise this mobo?
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