Fresh install on SSD, cant acces HHD

My old HHD started to have problems, so I just bought a new SSD for windows and HHD for storage. I have the SSD up and running great but I cannot access the new HHD I just bought. When I plugged in the HHD after getting windows on the SSD it loaded up the software for the HHD but that was all. I am fairly certain that the SSD is being recognized as my master and the HHD as my slave, but I cannot access it from "My Computer". They are both installed with sata drives. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
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  1. Nvm, I'm a pos and I didn't format the drive. Sorry for your time.
  2. Not a problem... If you have any questions on formatting your hard drive, you can review this thread for more details.
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