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Hello TH,

I have a slight problem. I recently upgraded from Vist 32bit to 7 64bit. Before doing so I burned several DVD's with various files I wanted to keep. All of the files work fine except for the disk that has all of my saved games and documents (this disc was probably the most important)! I was wondering if any of you know of any good programs to recover lost data, or if the disc is permantently lost. It would really suck if I could not get any data back. I was close to completing Crysis 2, had nearly 100% completion in Batman AA, HOURS upon hours into Sims 3, and quite possibly one of the best theme parks EVER CREATED in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. What sucks even more is I was going to back them up to an 8gb stick but decided last min that a more permanant backup would be smarter because I didn't want to loose these files!!! For some reason I am getting terrible flashbacks to the days of the PS1 memory cards!!!

Thanks alot!
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  1. http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ You could try this. Or you can try this one. www.piriform.com and download Recuva.
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