Front Panel Audio problems?

Hello, I'm trying to set up my front panel audio connection with a Antec Sonata III case on a Gigabyte P55-UD3R motherboard. However, I'm not experienced in doing so and something seems to be wrong (as plugging in my headphones to either jack in front while audio is playing does nothing).

I do not understand how to use the Pin No./Definition tables given in both the Antec manual and my Gigabyte manual. I've located the pins on the motherboard and plug in the HDA cable (AC'97 does not yield any sound either, and I would rather HDA) so that all pins in the header are in. I looked through the BIOS and did not find anything notable pertaining to audio, other than Azalea codec options. I installed GIGABYTE's drivers and nothing.

Am I overlooking something here? Also, the plug in my headphones seem to fit a bit... err, loosely in the jack, with standard 8mm headphones. Is this normal? Most jacks seem to have some sort of "pop" effect when the phones are plugged in right.

Thanks for any help. This is cross posted to discussion forums.
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  1. I am not sure what's going on. Because of the missing pin, you cannot plug the HDA connector in backwards.

    On my Antec 900 cases, I carefully cut the AC'97 connector off and plugged the HDA connector in and loaded the drivers. When I plug a headset or mike in, the driver pops a configuration box up. You need to select headphones.

    I haven't tried doing that while I was using speakers plugged into the back.

    If this doesn't help, repost this topic in the Motherboard&Memory|Gigabyte forum. bilbat (regular poster there) is excellent with Gigabyte motherboard audio problems.
  2. 8mm headphones? By 8 I hope you mean 3.5...
    Make sure it's not the headphones that are causing your problem.

    But I'm betting it's a driver issue.

    If the rear audio is working, it might be a problem with the case's front panel connector too.
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