Crucial vs Corsair For high end AM3

Title says it all what manufacturer do you think is better especially for a high end AM3 gaming rig?
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  1. BTW I will have to OC in bios up to the DDR3 1600 specs.
  2. I curretly have Crucial Ballistix Tracer, and are very good in performance and OC.
  3. I have owned Crucial Ballistix and the Corsair Dominaror GT's and the Crucial Ballistix performed per manf. spec's and the Corsair Dominator GT's have not. Additionally, I believe the Crucial Ballistix are cheaper. Don't overlook Mushkin, Kingston, OCZ and other high quality memory modules. There are too many variables to say one is better than the other. The higher performance memory narrows down your choices considerably. My memory modules are specifically tested for my CPU. My memory cost over $100 per 2GB stick. Your situation is most likely different and so are many others. Use the MB manf. QVL and do research and then more research before you make your decision.
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