PC freezes, shuts down, restarts or BSODs under certain circumstances


I don't know what to do anymore, please help.

Intel Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz 3.02 Ghz (I recollect seeing 2.98 or something a few days ago)
1,5 Gb RAM
GeForce 6600 128 mb video card
Windows XP service pack 3

Here's the problem:

My PC often freezes, especially when I watch videos *online* (when I download them and watch from the computer it's fine).
The videos often stutter (the sound doesn't); although much more when I watch videos that are not on youtube - when I watch them on youtube the freezing doesn't happen as often.
It's not just videos, it happens even when I browse certain forums.

I noticed the CPU goes to 100% usage.

If you suggest a virus scan, tell me which one to try.
I hope this is the right subforum.
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  1. Try malwarebytes and see what it finds.

  2. It didn't help, at all.

    The scan has completed, found around 200 objects and I was prompted to restart the computer to clean it all but... same old same old. Freezes or shuts down.

    The malwarebytes shield blocks "incoming/outcoming" threats.. so I guess all is not cleaned, right?

    I forgot to mention that when this freeze or shut down/BSOD/restart happens - I can't immediately restart the PC - it freezes again on the windows screen:

    So I have to reset it repeatedly for like 5-10 times to get it going again. Or if I get to shut the computer down and then wait several minutes I can restart it.

    Such a sad story. :cry:
  3. 200 objects? It sounds like your computer is severly infected. You will probably be better off and take less time reinstalling windows then trying to repair the damage done.
  4. Yes, lots of objects...

    If I reinstall windows can I keep all my data? How will that work...
  5. You will need to backup all your data. Then you can reformat your hard drive, reinstall windows and all your programs. After that, you can restore your data.

    If you are not familiar with installing windows or any other OS, then I recommend you find a friend or someone experienced that can be on site to help you.
  6. Is there any other option?

    I'm not ready to reformat my hard drive yet.
  7. Anyone?
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