External hard drive recovery usb broke

i dropped my external hard drive and the usb connection inside is loose and cannot connect the lead - what do i do to get files back?
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  1. You can buy a new enclosure and put the drive in. The drive should work again if the drive itself is not damaged in the fall.
  2. Also you can remove the drive and mount it internally. All the files should be intact assuming when you dropped it you did not damage the drive itself.

    It worked for me.
  3. Resoldering the micro-USB connector is the most logical solution, if you have the equipment and skill.

    An external enclosure should work provided that your drive is not one of those where the USB-SATA bridge chip is integrated into the drive's own PCB. Furthermore, many WD external products incorporate hardware encryption, in which case your data will be inaccessible even if you have not specified a password.

    In short, you need to provide more information.
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