Hey guys listin. My video card fan broke it just stopped running. SO instead of doing research and sending it back to the company i did the guy thing and tryed to fix it my self. This is how bad i F'ed up. I disconnected my CPU fan and connected it to my video card fan. I disconnected that lil plug where when u take it off theres like 2 stick like metal pices sticking out. Anyways point is it didnt work. I plugged the CPU fan back in the same spot and now the CPU fan doesnt work. I dont think i fried it cuz no spark no smoke no nothing. I turned on my PC it said CPU fan error or something like that and the pc turned off. SO i disconnected it off the Video card and put it back in place. And now the Fan wont spin /cry!!

its not my fault i did the guy thing....Why cant we just stop and ask directions!!!

If anyone can help me out in anyway plz post here.


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  1. time for a new video card and you may still be able to get the cpu fan to function though not sure. The cpu can't operate w/o proper cooling (e.g fan) and thats why it shuts down after moments of being turned on but the video card is more than likely gone as well
  2. My radeon 4670 fan quit working and the thing over heated beyond 100C a couple months ago causing my computer to crash. I simply removed the plastic casing that covers the heat sink and mounted a spare case fan below my video card to blow air on it's heat sink. Funny thing is it actually runs cooler now than it did before with stock cooling.

    Only catch with that is the 4670 is a rather low power/ low heat card, I don't know if doing such a thing would be able to cool most high end cards. It also sounds like you need to simply put a new fan on your cpu heat sink, if you don't have anything laying around you should be able to pick something up that fits off
  3. just plug the cpu fan to the power supply and tell the bios to ignore cpu fan error if you broke the motherboard fan controller.

    you don't need a spark or smoke to kill something. you can drink poison and die, without having an explosion or smoke, is one example. electronics are very sensitive in some cases, so there could be a really bad short without a spark flying out.

    looks like you need a new video card, potentially a new motherboard if that doesnt work out. maybe even a new cpu if you managed to fry that in the process.
  4. And next time, take it easy with "the guy thing". :)
  5. Please post some information about your computer, it would give us a better idea of what we are working with.

    Normally newer CPU Fan motherboard plugs have 3 or even 4 little metal pins sticking out of the motherboard, so I can assume the pc is rather old.

    On the motherboard, there should be at least 2 or perhaps 3 places where you can plug in a fan, try connecting the cpu fan on other connectors, if that doesnt work, we need to know what cpu you are running so we can recommend you a newer cpu fan setup... (should cost like 20$ or so)

    As for the videocard, as someone else posted a casefan attached in a guetto way blowing air on the videocard would do the trick if milking your pc an extra 6 months to a year is the idea.

    If anything, bring the pc to a local computer store, they should be able to replace both cpu and videocard fans for less then 100$ if they arent too crooked.

    Obviously, please post information about the computer, such as when you turn it on... does it say AMD Athlon XP2500+ or Pentium 3 800Mhz or Core2Duo ?

    If it's a P3, Athlon classic, Duron... it isn't worth fixing as they could be found for less then 80$ with a windows 2000 license or soemthing.

    Just for fun I have one of them Manly PC's, made out of replaced partially defective components from some clients...

    Motherboard with defective chipset fan, IDE Ports defect (the 4x sata work fine)
    Videocard Radeon 1650 defect fan
    1x Intel P3 socket fan hanging by wire on videocard blowing on video and chipset
    430W PSU defect 120MM fan replaced by 80MM fan hanging on 1 screw...

    Runs perfectly fine :D
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