I5 2500k stability issues at 4.5 oc

hi all

Trying to get a stable 4.5oc before i try for any higher. Before I get into any issues.. heres the hardware specs and current bios settings:

Asrock Extreme7 gen 3 Z68
Gskill 1600mhz 10-10-10-28-2N (loosened from 9-9-9-24-2N) - 16GB
850w Corsair PSU

Internal PLL overvoltage: Enabled
Turbo boost power limits: Short: 250
Long: 250
CPU Core current : 250

Speedstep: Enabled
Vcore : Offset (+.02) (sits around 1.328 under load)
LLC: Level 4
PLL: 1.83 (Auto)
VTT: 1.15 (Upped because of rounding errors and memtest halting.. this resolved that issue)

C1E Support: Enabled (read this doesnt affect oc)
c3: Disabled
c6: Disabled
Intel virtualization: disabled

Doing this from memory.. let me know if i forgot any important settings.

Well heres the deal. I was getting rounding errors in prime95 blend tests after about three hours in. After upping the VTT to around 1.15 those errors ceased to be a problem.

After resolving that problem i now can get to around 7-8 hours of prime95 blend before bsod 124.
I would really like to at least get this to withstand a 24hr blend test with no issues as I would like to use this for folding.

I have already messed with the vcore and pushed it to around 1.336 which i think is more than enough for a 4.5oc. And the VTT and PLL seem a little high as is.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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  1. I found that lowering my PLL voltage let me hit the same OC with a little less voltage. My PLL is at 1.55v.
  2. Fortunex said:
    I found that lowering my PLL voltage let me hit the same OC with a little less voltage. My PLL is at 1.55v.

    hmm guess it cant hurt to try. lowest I went was 1.7.
  3. LLC to level 1.
  4. if i go llc to lvl 1 the vcore voltage gets too high under load even if i reduce the voltage down to stock.
  5. Bios:
    Internal PLL Overvoltage: Enabled
    Turbo boost power limits: Short: 200
    Long: 200
    CPU Core current : 200

    C1E : Disable
    C3: Disable
    C6: Disable
    Intel Virtualization Technology: Disable

    PLL: Auto
    VTT: Auto
    VCCSA: Auto
    Speedstep: Enabled
    Load Line Calibration (LLC) : Level 1

    Offset : -0.020V
    [If you pass prime 95 blend on this voltage which should be 1.36v, you can try lower like -0.025V or -0.030V and so forth for 1.3v-1.35v, whichever lowest you can get it stable at.]

    Memory: 1.5V or 1.575V Max. [If your ram is 1.6V or 1.65 and up, get new ram or try to see if they boot at what i recommended]
    Timing: 9-9-9-24-1N
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