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I am considering water cooling my new system. I was planning on this board, but it's out of stock. Does anyone else make a board set up for water cooling?

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  1. Uhmmm???...Usually you buy first the mobo and after the water all mobo you can set up a water cooling, how I said, buy the mobo and after buy the water cooling that work with your new mobo
  2. The board I linked to has the chipset water blocked already. That is what I am looking for. The standard evga board has a fan on it, trying to make the system as quiet as possible but still overclock, thus the water cooling.
  3. ohhh... sorry, I don't saw the picture before post my answer, but in the web page of EVGA don't tell you in what store has the mobo?
  4. Just looking for different options/suggestions. It's a lot for a motherboard and I wanted to see if there was anything else out there besides the evga one.
  5. Seems like it would be a lot cheaper to just buy a solid motherboard, and then a seperate waterblock for the CPU.
  6. Standard motherboard has a fan for the chipset. Willing to spend the extra money to eliminate it.
  7. Right, and so instead of using the fan for the CPU, you buy the appropriate waterblock. Combined you can probably get the waterblock and motherboard for half of what the EVGA one costs that you linked...

    Block -
    Mobo -
  8. I was acutually looking at this motherboard:

    The one you linked to is the lesser version, and does not have a fan. What do I give up with the lesser board?
  9. If you want SLI, get the one you linked, the 299.99 one, I linked a single PICE2.0 board, I am guessing you are a gamer so go with the EVGA E758-A1
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