Help please? PC randomly reset/restarting

Hi Community,

I recently tried to see what I could push my GTX 580 up to and clocked it up to about 890 Mhz Core Clock at 1.1V. This was stable for 4-5 hours but then my PC reset and my settings were back to default. I assumed this was unstable so I brought the Voltage and Core Clock down about 0.3V and 50Mhz respectively. The problem continued to persist after about 2 hours of play on BF3. Not wanting to corrupt anything, I reset my settings to factory and continued on. The problem is, the resetting continues at seemingly random intervals. This has happened about 6 times in the last 2 days. Any ideas why this might be? My card never got over 70 C and runs idle at about 28 C.


ASUS Direct CU II GTX 580

8 gb G. Skill 1600

P8P67 pro

Corsair HX750

Can anyone please help me?

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  1. I hear bf3 has some issues regarding this as it is. Have you verified this at their forum? Is there some one here that can confirm this, I have not picked up bf3 yet. I have a few buds that are complaining about this, and one in fact that has the same issue you do.
  2. Its not only when playing BF3 that it restarts, even during idle sessions or internet browsing the computer will randomly reset.
  3. can anyone help?
  4. Do you have your 2600k OCed?
  5. no, its stable on normal. I reinstalled the drivers and it hasnt happened again yet so i think im safe.
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    Sounds like you found your problem alright.

    If you OC your GPU too much and it crashes it will usually corrupt the video drivers.
  7. thanks for the help!
  8. Your welcome but I think you solved your problem yourself my friend! :D
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  10. Hey I am having te same problems and I have relatively the same parts and having a hard time trying to find the drivers. Do you mind if you could send a link with the divers or if you dl off cd. Sorrg in relatively knew to this
  11. donot oc your gpu to that extent where performance is compromised.
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