Help with antec 300 optional fans

hi all!

im building a new gaming rig and i chose the antec three hundred for the case.

it has a top fan and a back fan included and two front optional and a side optional

im buying 3 12x12 to fill the optional slots..tell me if im right with this:

the 2 front fans should be taking air into de case and de side panel out?



I found the answer in this post :
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  1. I would make all the new fans pull air into the case if you're using the stock Intel HSF since its fan pulls air down toward the board. That would leave you with the front and side fans as intake. The back and top fans would be the exhaust.
  2. im getting the stock Phenom II 940 cooler..

    so that means the fans that come with the case pull air out of the case?
  3. Yes, the fans that come with the case are both exhaust fans. They actually do a pretty good job of pulling air through the case. The last build that I used an Antec 300 on had a fairly highly overclocked E5200 and a GPU with passive cooling. I didn't need to add any additional fans. I just used the two included fans and it cooled everything just fine even with the fans set to low speed.
  4. great!

    im adding fans cos im getting a 4890 and i NEED a good airflow
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