My SATA hard disk drive is not working

I have a big problem that makes me very mad :fou: I have a Maxtor 160GB sataHDD which I installed in windows after a few months I bought a WD 1TB sata HDD.
After I connected it . I opened the computer storage management and I made my Maxtor160GB master and WD1TB slave.
It works properly but after 4 months every time I boot up the PC it makes strange things:
1.Before the windows boots up it tells me NO proper boot device selected, reboot and select a proper boot device... something like that
2.The windows always makes crashes or freezes I can't even open the explorer.
3.The font of the windows always changes to Bold and Italic.
4.During the operation on windows the WD HDD disconnects instantly and disappears from the explorer.

I tried everything I could :sweat: , changed the sata connectors , connected to different ports , reinstalled drivers changed boot devices , looked everywhere , even I disconnected the CD/DVD rom but same problem :pfff:

Please help me
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  1. Reinstall window. Check hdd health. Check PSU. There is no need to set sata drive to master slave, its for ide only. Also in the future don't overclock carelessly.

    You are doing it wrong. You are suppose to go up until it can no longer be stable. Not set to what other people say they can achieve and go down in frequency if bsod. Please take this advice, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.
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