Combine 12v rails? Pc crashes under load.

Ok, it must be the psu cutting out that causes reboot... I have a raidmax rx730-ss. I kn0w its not a good brand but i have it and must make do.. =). It looks like the grphics card runs off one rail and everything els off the other, but im n0t sure.. If it is like that, how do i make the card use both? I have a ati 4890 and it has 2 pcie power connectors on it. So could i just make an adaptor from molex to pcie? Would that solve the prob? Thanx
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  1. The psu says it has 24amps on each rail...
  2. Yes you can get a molex to 6pin power adapter. The PSU has 2 though. One is 6pin one is 6+2 8 pin but 2 are detachable. Do you have both plugged in?

    Yes it is a cheap PSU ......amps matter SO much more than watts. That supposed 730w has two 12v rails with 24 amps each for a total of 48 amps. A quality PSU like the Corsair 750TX has a single ( more efficient ) 60 amp 12v rail.
  3. It has 2 6pin pcie plugs but they are both on the same wire, thats why i think they're on one rail. They're both plugged in.
  4. No it is running the way it is supposed to. It divides the power as it is needed. Honestly 48a should be fine unless you are running Crossfire. It is a cheap PSU though and the most likely scenario is that it is failing or just not delivering the rated power.
  5. So u suggest i send it back?
  6. Sounds to me like its broken if it only crashes under load. What are the rest of your specs? Anything overclocked?
  7. N0thing oc'd.. My specs are on my profile. Thanx
  8. Ok I checked your member configuration. Looks good except I have never heard of that brand graphics card. If it was a bad GFX card it wouldnt likely just crash under load like that. Have you checked temps?
  9. Its a generic PSU - dont expect squat

    On the other hand how do you know its the power supply that has the issue (although its more then likely)? - it could be anything else aswell.
  10. The temps are all good. Cpu is around 65 at h0ttest. Mobo at 48. The rest are normal. Could it be a single core overheating? I don't have software to monitor cores... It only crashes in games with everything on full, when there's alot to handle, like alot of people or snow..
  11. If your system only crashes in games, it is more than likely the PSU.
  12. So you think i should send it back? Will they replace it?
  13. replacement on the double
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