What screen setup are you running now? With eyefinity?

Many of us have been using multiple screen setups for awhile now. To use more than 2 though, you had to add a second card. Eyefinity solves a couple issues.

1. Up to 6 displays on 1 card :)
2. You should be able to use up to those 6 displays if it's crossfired with another 5870 (no more disabling Xfire to use more than 2 monitors)

I'm currently using a 30" Dell 3008wfp, 2 26" Viewsonic VP2650wbs, and an Acer H233H. I will probably end up keeping this setup for most everything, and getting a 6 screen stand if the bezels get small enough to make gaming worth it for a second pc setup just for games.
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  1. I'm stuck with a 19":(
  2. ^Lol me too. But it's a good monitor and I can't really cope with expensive GPUs to back up expensive large monitors....
  3. My active DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter should be here any second. Come on, UPS guy!!

    Three 27" LG monitors. :bounce:

    I have to buy a new desk to support all three. lol
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