Changing graphic card?

Hi people, i've already wanted to change my graphic card for a long long time, but haven't got a chance.

Now, i've the chance. My psu is only 450 W and 500 W at peak.

Now, what kind of graphic card can i get?

If i want to get like GTX 280 or 295, do i need to buy a new PSU?

How much does a good PSU cost?

And how do i know of it is compatible with my computer.



Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-Bit,

Intel Core i7-920 processor (2.66GHz, 8MB Cache, 4.8GT/s),



DVD SuperMulti Double-Layer Drive with Labelflash technology

Nvidia GeForce GT130 Graphics Card (1.5GB Dedicated RAM)

Wireless 802.11b/g/Draft-N LAN

23" LCD Monitor @ Resolution of 1920 x 1080
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  1. Yea you will want a new PSU. probably at least 600w+.

    And in my opinion if you get a new GPU, go for a HD4870/4890. Best value for the money and can play pretty much any game thrown at it.
  2. Which 450W PSU do you have?

    GTX 280 and 295 are old cards.
    If you are spending that much of money then go for HD5870 or 5850 by ATI.Those are fab cards and also support DX11.
  3. A good, solid 600W psu would run at more than $100.

    4770 if you don't want to change your psu.
    4870/4890 if you could change your psu and have the cash.
    5870/5850 if you could really stretch your budget and a new psu.

    The 5770 is in limbo for some, as it is more expensive than a 4870, almost performs at the same level as a 4870, though it has DX11 and performance would probably increase with future driver updates. (Though the performance increase could vary from none-at-all to 10~20%)
  4. I'm throwing in my vote for the 4770 if you don't plan to change PSU's.
  5. HD 4770 is a bit less for a i7 processor.It won't be good for his monitor's native resolution.
    And since he is looking for GTX 280/295 that means his budget should be at least 300$(Only he can tell accurately).

    So 5850 seems to be a better buy...
  6. My budget?

    Well, i'd only pay $500 - $550 USD for a New PSU and a great graphic card.

    No more than $550 though, too heavy for my wallet.

    And with this kind of budget, can i get a good upgrade?

    The problem lies with the Nvidia GT 130, i suppose.

    Cannot play games well.

    I guess my other specs are good?

  7. Here's a good 750 Watt PSU for $110

    and here's the only HD 5850 in stock at newegg (as of 12:36 AM) for $310
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    How do i know of a PSU will fit into my system?

    And i'd prefer nvidia as they have alot more things like physx etc.


    PS : Is my budget enough?
  9. That PSU is very good.
    Buy it.
    It will fit in most of the mid tower cases.

    Your budget is enough.
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