Please help! problems after installing new psu with ASUS PN5-E-SLI

Hello and thank you for in advance for any assistance you might have for me,

I just installed a new Corsair 750W psu into a computer with an ASUS P5N E SLI motherboard. I booted it up, and everything seemed fine, except that I forgot to plug in the mouse. I shut down the system and attempted to restart. I have been unable to get the system running again. I have also attempted to reconnect the old psu to no avail. The green motherboard light comes on, but when I attempt to start my system only the fans run. The hard drive does not operate, and I see no indication that the computer is attempting to start. I have connected and reconnected the psu cables numerous times, and I have connected the 24 pin and 4 pin to the motherboard numerous times. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Do you have a motherboard speaker? Any beeps?
  2. Aford,

    Thanks for the reply. No beeps. Just one green light.

    P.S. I just looked in the packaging (I Ordered this NEW from Amazon), and found that along with my order is an invoice from someone who has returned this exact power supply. It, obviously, is not new and possibly defective and a returned product. Could a bad power supply cause this issue? I will not order from Amazon again.
  3. It could be bad. However, your old PSU isn't powering on your system either. It could also just be a stray RMA slip.

    If all you did was plug in the mouse and it stopped booting, try unplugging the mouse. Any change?

    If not, try unplugging all the nonessential hardware (hard drive, sound card, optical drives, and sound card if you have them).

    Double check and make sure the 4/8 pin CPU power is plugged it tight.
  4. I tried just plugging in the motherboard and cpu, and I got a real shrill sound. With the mouse, I am still using Vista, and I noticed that it wasn't plugged in when I got to the choose user screen. That is where I shut down. I have tried plugging and replugging everything, especially the 4 pin Cpu power connect because that is where I first thought the problem might be. I have even reset CMOS. I am sure it is not a stray RMA because it is for the exact model that I received. Thanks again for your suggestions and your time.
  5. Is your old PSU still working? Can you get it booting with that one?
  6. No the old PSU responds the same way. I just tried connecting both PSUs one more time. The fans spin, green light on motherboard, and continuous green and red light on card reader.
  7. Try booting with just the CPU/HSF, PSU, video card, 1 RAM chip, and power switch. Unplug everything else.

    If it still doesn't boot with either PSU, or give a beep code, something is fried (likely the motherboard).
  8. No luck. Thanks for your suggestions aford. I think that is it. One last question, if you don't mind. If I install a new motherboard and cpu (say upgrade to P55 motherboard and i7), I still should be able to boot into Windows on my hard drive right? Without reinstalling, I mean. I am resigned to a new motherboard; I just want to make sure that I won't lose the data on my hard drives.
  9. You will likely need to do a windows installation repair. After that, you should be able to boot off it. It's recommended to do a fresh install when switching motherboards. So once you have done the repair and can boot into windows, you should back up your important data, and do a fresh install. This will clean up cobwebs, old drivers, and file fragments that can clog up a system.
  10. In my experience these are damn tough boards to kill ;

    CPU's : E6600 , E6750, E6850, E8400 CO, E8400 EO
    GPU's ; 8800GTS 640, 8800GTS 512 both single and SLI , GTX260
    RAM ; 4x1 Ballistix , 2x2 Super Talent , 2x2 G.Skill , 2x2 G.Skill Pi
    Sound ; Sound Blaster live, Sound Blaster Audigy SE , X-Fi Extreme Gamer
    PSU's ; Antec EA380, 430, 500 / Antec TPN 550, 750 / PCP&C Silencer 610 / Gigabyte GT 550 / OCZ 520 / Corsair HX620 , TX650 / CWT 600 and a 375 watt Dell

    All of the above components have been run on my P5NE-SLI over the past 3 years, it's still going strong.
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