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Destroyer Tower
750W 850W bottom mount Corsair PSU
AMD 1100T hex-core native 3.2ghz (iirc) CPU Overclocked to 3907-4007mhz at 28-35C
Crosshair V mobo
3x Nvidia GT470's GPU (All Overclocked) SLI
8gb Corsair DDR3-13000
Raid 0 solid state Mushkin 60gb(ea) OS drive
Raid 5 3x 750gb Western Digitals Storage drive
Thor's Hammer cooling tower
6x 120mm fans
Memory cooler
30db noise

At first, the problem I was having appeared to be limited only to TF2, thanks to Valve breaking the game with their most recent patches. The game would slowly degrade and then it would shut the system off entirely.

Unfortunately, it just happened in the middle of Starcraft 2. Since this game had been running just fine, and I just updated the BIOS, I'm starting to think the problem may be directly related to the overclock itself.

I enjoy the extra CPU/GPU power, but I have to wonder if the apparent system instability can slowly degrade and destroy my rig.

The Crosshair V motherboard has an "idiot-proof" overclocking system, which is why I went for it. Are there any other tools I could use to verify that the system is stable, and is there any possibility that what is happening is a shortage of power?

I'm wondering if my 850W PSU is having problems keeping up. This is the very first time I've ever done an overclock, so I am very much noob.
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  1. It's unlikely the BIOS upgrade is the problem. You can always install the previous BIOS to check. You can stress test the system with P95, OCCT and Linpack to check stability.
  2. 2 hour stress test, no faults yet...

    but my system did revert itself back to 30 minute sleep mode for some reason... Whats the likeliness of windows suddenly deciding that I'm not at my computer playing a game and shutting off?

    Also, you think its my PSU that's the root cause? Too much power draw?


    Didn't see your post calling me an idiot.
    I ran a basic calculation on the Asus website, and 750W seemed adequate.


    LOLOLOL Holy #$!%ing %!(^...

    Yeah, I guess I did it wrong the first go around. "minimum requirement 1350 Watts"
  3. Please stop being rude.

    This is what I'm looking at.
  4. If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.
  5. I'm afraid that that has done nothing but confuse me...

    I have run my entire rig on a 850W Corsair PSU.

    I have run long time stress tests on the GPU's, and CPU's, and the computer has not force booted.

    During games, the computer has force booted.

    After undoing my overclock, the system appeared stable, so I thought, until it force booted again, which lead me to believe that the PSU might be the root of the problem.

    I have no idea about rails, or any of that. I have no idea how to check, or verify. So the link you just tossed at me is practically greek.

    However, according to this chart:
    My peak watts on all three of my cards is 510, and my CPU is a 95W unit, iirc.
    That puts me at 605. That's 245 watts left over for 5 drives and 7 fans, neither of which use that much power. There's also the 20% overclock on my GPUS which might add another 100 watts or so, I have no idea.

    Then this chart:
    Tells me my cards use 950 W

    Seems I can't get any solid information that is repeated by more than one source.

    So now it feels like I'm back to the original problem: Is it my overclocking or not, that could be causing the issue to begin with?
  6. If you are going to continue to be rude, just leave the thread. I am trying to figure out a problem, not sit here and get berated by someone who thinks he is smarter than I am because he apparently knows something I don't. You have no reason to talk to me the way that you are.

    You are making an assumption that I didn't check. I talked to nvidia, and evga, and they said an 850W psu would do fine, provided that I had the proper 6pin connectors, but they clarified that it would "barely" do it. And yes, they were aware that I had three of these things.

    Secondly, you didn't look at the atomicmpc chart at all, did you? "Peak Watts 510 for 3x GTX470's" And if P95 and OCCT dont stress a gpu, then how about you stop calling me an idiot and suggest something else I don't know, like a GPU stress test? Didn't think of that because you were too busy making yourself look big.

    F'ng jerk.
  7. The constant name calling and berating says: "I'm a big man." on the internet. Cut it out and be civil.

    I just ran the furmark gpu stress test.

    Consistent GPU load 95%, topped out at 105C on main card before I shut it off. My cards are never worked as hard as this program just worked them.

    Computer did not shut down.

    So, if it IS the PSU like you suggest, shouldn't it have gone killswitch on me?
  8. Ok now I know you're not actually reading my posts... -_-*

    I updated a bit ago and clarified that it is an 850W PSU, not 750W.

    And you suggesting a 1200W PSU doesn't match when the ASUS site is telling me I need 1350W.

    Basically, I have multiple venues of information and nobody is saying the same god damned thing.

    OH its only 510 W PEAK
    Oh its 950 W!
    Oh you need a 1200W PSU!
    Oh, you're a freaking idiot!
    Oh, you need minimum 1350W!

    MEANWHILE, I've ran this computer AS IS for FIVE FRIGGING MONTHS and haven't had any severe issues on 850W.

    More than one person needs to say the same damned thing.

    I bought a wattage meter for my computer. I'll update this when it gets here.
  9. I'm going off of what I am seeing.
    Surely, you can understand that.

    1) Five solid months with the only issues being (I thought) related to the Valve Team Fortress 2 Update, in which the computer would mysteriously shut off, and this was only recent. So naturally, since this was happening to EVERYONE, I blew it off as a patch problem.

    2) Starcraft 2, for the first time ever, caused a force reboot.

    3) Just ran a stress test on my GPUS. No force reboot at 95% usage on all three.

    4) Multiple sources telling me multiple things that ALL conflict.

    5) I'm a noob at this.

    If you were in my position, would YOU not be skeptical without someone else backing up what the only person consistently responding is saying? The only other person in this entire thread has said flat out that you're wrong.

    What am I supposed to think, being generally naive to all of this, given all of the conflicting information?
  10. Very well then.
    There is still the issue of how big of a power supply I should get.
    You say a 1200W will do. The ASUS says a 1350W is minimum required.
  11. Yep, I can see that now.

    I also see why I haven't blown my power supply to pieces. With all 3 cards together, my games aren't causing them to stress much. But while I still had my CPU overclocked, it was hitting the breaking point.

    Looks like I'm going to be spending $400 on a thermaltake.
  12. A little advice for the next person that you happen across with an issue like this:

    Don't open up by calling them names or being uncivil. You come off as arrogant and don't get your message across clearly because nobody wants to listen to anyone that makes unjustified personal attacks.

    Regardless, I appreciate the help.
  13. Update:

    Starcraft set at Ultra Mode. All GFX cards are overlocked, computer tops out at 506 watt draw.

    Team Fortress 2 max draw was around 400 and generally stayed around 380.

    Obviously my PSU is handling things fine. It's not like I'm running Crysis.


    Furmark test draws 1050 watts. Wooooo....

    I think I'm fine until I get the cash to buy the 1500w thermaltake. Better safe than sorry. Don't want to waste $ on something not big enough like I already did.
  14. Well that's understood.

    On one hand, you are absolutely correct in that an 850W power supply is not enough to properly run the equipment in this rig.

    However, taking into account the actual usage of the power supply and what I'm using it for, it is perfectly fine and has been for about five months.

    If I want to play Crysis or something, I'm going to have to buy a new PSU first. That's going to be an expensive damned game.

    Also, restate the fix without any derogatory commentary and you'll look like a nice guy on top of being a smart guy.
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