I7 920 DDR3 6GB - GSKILL,Corsair or something else

Currently running these Corsair HERE Someone told me to return them and get these GSKILL HERE

Running a EVGA x58 SLI E758 MB HERE

Before I call this build done just need to decide what RAM.

I'm open to other suggestions. I have the CoolMaster V8 and will be looking to get around 3.8-4.0 out of the CPU.

Also should I buy one of those Memory Airflow Fans? Useing the CM HAF 932 for my case so I have some good airflow inside.
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  1. Either RAM should be fine. You might want to check the Overclock section to see what people are using in their machines. The key is getting the 1600 speed, which you're already doing.
  2. Thanks I was just told to look to for something around 1.5v if I was going to OC. I'll have to read up over there.
  3. You won't find memory that will OC much at 1.5v. OCing memory for Core i5/i7 is going to need 1.65v for best results.
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