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This question isnt terribly difficult, its more like a double check, im purchasing a EVGA X58 triple SLI motherboard that has 6 slots on it. I want to get a coolermaster HAF 932 that has 7 slots for the motherboard, will I have any problems when im going to install it? Like is the motherboard going to be off with the fittings in the case
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    No, the motherboard will be fine. Even if you have 10 slots it will be ok because there is a standard for all and the extra slot or slots will just be underneath your motherboard. Go for them.
  2. Ok, thanks alot for your answer, like I said it was just a quick checkup to make sure I wouldnt have to quickly choose a new casing, thanks again!
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  4. Sure, no problem. Enjoy your new PC.
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