Phenom II 550BE, 720BE or 940BE?


I am having issues with my current setup and America's Army 3. I don't know what my FPS are as I can't get my fps to show, but I know they cant be good. I have freak video lag when I'm in firefights. I also only get around 5-10 fps in GTA IV. I play both in lowest settings and in lower resolutions than 1680x1050 and still see lag. In AA3 I go to the lowest possible resolution 12XX x 7XX and windowed mode and I still lag when in big fire fights.

Here is my setup:

22.1 inch chimei monitor at 1680x1050 native
amd 3700+ 2.2ghz single core
2gb ram
asus a8n-sli prem
evga 8800gts 320mb
600watt ocz modxstream psu
antec p180 case
windows XP sp3
1 hdd 160gb
12mb cable modem connection with a 8 year old linksys router that has half duplex WAN (cutting my bandwidth on connected computers to 5-6mbps (but AA3 still lags even when I'm connected directly to the cable modem with the 10-12mb connection.)) gonna replace my router soon for a full duplex WAN port one.

This system was built in 2006 and I am looking upgrade some of the parts.

My question is - if I upgrade the memory, mobo, and CPU to 4gb (2x4gb), windows 7, and a phenom II x2 550be (at the very least) will I see my FPS shoot up from 5-10 in GTA IV to 20-25 at 1680x1050?

Also, is my cpu bottlenecking my video card or do I need a new one of those too?

I'm kinda pissed at EVGA because my 7900gt failed after 2 years, but I'm pretty sure it was half broken when I bought it new because I never saw amazing fps in battlefield 2. Then they sent me a refurb 8800gts 320mb which generates lost of white noise when its put under a load.
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  1. The bottleneck is clearly the CPU in your setup, I am surprised you are even able to run GTA4 as some people with dual core's have trouble running it.

    Unfortunately I can't comment on AA3 as I don't know it.

    Your 8800GTS is a respectable card and you would see a great deal of FPS increase with a newer CPU, motherboard and ram combo however the 320MB of memory on the videocard is too little for GTA4.. I am pretty sure however that 20-25fps is possible but it will look pretty bad.

    If GTA4 is what you want, you need a videocard with a bare minimum of 512MB ram...

    This would work very well if you can invest on videocard too

    But besides GTA4, the 8800GTS even with only 320MB is still a good card.
  2. Which processor would you recommend for upgrading? I'm not sure if I should go with the phenom II 550BE or 720BE and take a chance at unlocking or just hit the 955 BE.
  3. I would say AMD has a CPU for everyone... in other words it depends mostly on you and your budjet.

    I would rule out the 550BE as I think dual cores will expire soon as software is starting to be more multithreaded. It is still a fine gaming cpu tho.

    The 955BE if the budget is there.

    my recommendation if GTA4 is something you want to run well would be.

    AthlonII 630

    With the videocard posted above.

    Would make a bigger difference then a 955 with the 8800GTS

    As I said, depends on your budjet
  4. Phenom 550BE Unlocking & Overclocking

    Step right up! Yee rolls yer dice and yee takes yer chances on the AMD Chip Lottery.
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