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I am looking for a Lite-On DVD driver. Not included on the driver disk that came with the PC (thanks for nothing ASRock) and not available on Lite-ON's web site (thanks for nothing Lite-ON). All the web sites I search want to either charge me to download the driver or don't actually have the driver but instead have a utility to help me solve all my driver problems (and probably throw a little malware/spyware in for free). Even all the ads on Tom's HW web site are just links to these same scam sites. Aren't there any legitimate sites out there where you can download drivers without being scammed? For the record it is a Lite-ON DS-8A4S. Thanks for any tips.
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  1. The microsoft site says it should work with the generic driver. Is it not being recognized? Why would a mobo company have a driver for another company's product? Have you tried putting it in another computer? Lite-on is a pretty cheap company, could be doa. Just another note, the ads on the site are google ads which will put different ads depending on your browser history, which explains why you are getting those bad sites.
  2. If the drive is functional, it will work with the native Windows driver.

    Think about this. You build a new computer. It has a bare hard drive. You need to install the OS on the hard drive. You put the Windows disk in the optical drive and away it goes.

    Question: does the BIOS recognize the optical drive? If you cannot see it in the BIOS, you have something wrong in the hardware. You may still have something wrong. The BIOS only recognizes the drive interface. You may have something wrong with the drive mechanics.

    The solution here is to test the drive in another working computer.
  3. I have 2 LITEON burners in my rig and they both run on the windows drivers provided after I installed them!
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