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I have just recently bought and installed a new motherboard and processor. Now, everything is up and running flawlessly in Windows 7 RC, except for one thing. I cant get the motherboard, which is a Gigabyte MA770-UD3 (rev.2.0), to recognize my XBOX 360 controller for Windows. I know the controller works, because I used it with my old mobo and Windows Vista 64-bit. Also, it works in my XBOX. The motherboard recognizes and operates my Logitech G15 keyboard and My Logitech USB mouse, just not the controller. I've tried the front and back ports. The back panels will not even acknowledge that I've plugged it in, while the front panel, while acknowledging that something was plugged in, says that it can't recognize the device, even though the drivers are installed correctly. If i plug the controller into a port on my G15 keyboard, Windows recognizes it, but states there is not enough power to operate it. Any suggestions or tips insolving this problem. Thanks.
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  1. I would suggest switching to a retail copy of Windows 7. It's possible that RC still doesn't provide full support for your mobo, even if you've used W7 drivers for it.
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