I7 950 4.0 or 4.2 oc question

Hey there currently running a 950 @ 4.0 HT / OFF. My question today is I was trying to figure out whether there was much diffrence 4.0 to 4.2 in gaming also currently running a single gpu but plan on running sli ina few motnhs specs below. Currently running BF3 around 48-60 fps. Thanks for any help!

I7 950 4.0 1.31 vcore QPI 1.35
Ram Corsair Vengeance 12gb 1603mhz 9-9-9-24
x58 sabertooth
gtx 560 ti 1000mhz
700 corsair gs psu
corsair 600 t case
antec 920 khuler
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    Hi their well to be honest the CPU doesn't really matter as much as everyone is thinking of. of course it does matter but ont he gaming end only your graphics card matters

    4.0 is perfect in my opinion. Im currently running on a 4.5 ghz on my i5
  2. Very good thank you for the quick reply. That's a nice oc! I oc'd my 560 ti FPB from 850 core to 1000 core and is made a nice difference I cant wait to run sli 560's!
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  4. Thanks so much if you have any other questions lemme know :)

    Yeah with cooler master 30$ fan works fine :)

    Honestly I don't any how suggest SLI"s just cause they will break down

    What I did was I havea GTX 570 i paid only 250$ on it found it on a one day deal by MSI pretty slick......

    1 single card has more realiability less power usage
  5. The difference between 4.0ghz and 4.2ghz is negligible.
  6. gmcizzle said:
    The difference between 4.0ghz and 4.2ghz is negligible.

    It's 5%. I'm not sure what it takes before a person can even tell the difference, but it would probably take a 20% or 30% increase, maybe even more if you aren't using a stopwatch for testing. I use 4 different computers, running at 1.6, 2.53, 3.4 and 3.8, and there isn't as much difference between them as the clock speeds would indicate.
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