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Hello, dell demension 2300
i baught 2 512\pc133\64x64\cL3 ram sticks for maximum upgrade but when i put them in memmory test reads 1024 ok but windows wont start and computer keeps turning off and on each ram works individually but not together. what did i do wrong? im so frustrated !
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  1. If the seller guaranteed that they'll work with your system, just return them.
  2. they work 1 at a time tho
    just not together u still think i should return ?
  3. I would return them and order a kit that's guaranteed to work.
  4. is there a bios setting i need to do change for the new ram ?
  5. Check the Dell website for recommended memory brands. Buy one of those.
  6. firefly6970 said:
    is there a bios setting i need to do change for the new ram ?

    Probably not, but that's easy to check since you already own that PC. As jsc said, buy compatible modules to make your life a lot easier.
  7. ok all better now seller replaced the ram and its running well for an old machine .
    motherboard is 3t237

    i have a intel p4 \1.8ghz\400mhz fsb \512 cache \ 478 socket i think
    can i put a better p4 in this thing and get a difference? , and if so let me know what i can use . last thing i want to do, is a good graphics card . any suggestions?
    thanks for the help , im trying to learn so bare with me if ya think this is dumb .
  8. The fastest CPU that you can install is a P4 2.4GHz 400Mhz FSB. The original poster at provided a list that should work. Since they only cost a few dollars, the risks are low. I'd probably go for a 2.4 or 2.6 simply because of the multiplier. I wouldn't even consider the 2.5.
  9. what about the video graphics card ? i see them with ddr and ddr2 all types of them . how do i know what will work or will all of them work ?
    thanks for all your help
  10. it has to be a pci sdram right ? and for the original psu can u suggest a card to work for me . just want the kid to be able to play some games without buying a new computer .
  11. There's no such thing as PCI SDRAM. I presume that you meant PCI GPU and I can't suggest a really good one. A GeForce 9500 GT is probably the fastest card, but it sure isn't fast:

    It all depends on what games the kid will play. I have a 10-year old who sure wouldn't use such a low-end PC. Even a P4 2.4 isn't really fast enough for the Internet games that he plays. However a P4 2.8 with an ATI X850 was acceptable.
  12. pci slot for the card and does it have to be an sdram card to work in my board
  13. i know it is a low end pc but like i said , i am just learning and wanted to start out with this one . im not sinking a bunch of money in this thing, i have spent $20 for the ram and $25 for the p4 2.4 with the the heat sink and fan . now i just want to find a graphics for around $25 or less from ebay but i am confused on what i can put in this because i think i only have the pci slot on the board . correct me if you know otherwise.then thats all i know to do to this besides another board to put in it and i have read that if im gonna try that i may as well start from sctach because of the 200w psu . i do thank you for all of your reply and i am learning as i go . i like doing this stuff and because i been climbing trees all my life and this is all new to me . thank you GhislainG
  14. firefly6970 said:
    pci slot for the card and does it have to be an sdram card to work in my board

    You shouldn't be too concerned about the type of memory on it. Just buy one that has acceptable performance for the asking price.
  15. thanks , its like a learning process / hobby .
    i will have maybe $125 in the hole thing so if i fry it , no big deal .
  16. thanks for the help i really like this site!
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