Parts finally came in! Need help now =D

So finally, my 4870 and 920 came in from ewiz today ! ( Slow shipping, but it got here )

And i'm SOOOOOOO happy its S-SPEC SLBEJ... i read online that means its d0 stepping =]

So now, i need recommendations on what videos or guides online help you build a computer. I need a more up to date video. I have seen a video on youtube to "how to build a computer" but the case is different and doesn't have all those USB and firewire wires ...

And what are good programs to monitor your system? cpu temp, gpu temp, stuff like that.
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  1. a little dated but very worthwhile
  2. Check my thread in my signature. I have a few sites listed that can help you with your build, as well.
  3. oh man... i'm installing the cpu right now ... and i want to close down the latch but its kinda tight and i don't wanna break it ...

    Is the metal latch thing supposed to be right? The arrow on the cpu is on the bottom left, matching the socket
  4. are you using a LGA 1366 MB? Yeah its gonna be tight when you put down the clip, just make sure you put the CPU in, you dont need to apply any pressure, just gently put it down and it'll slide in
  5. okay i got the clip down....

    My cpu fan is the scythe mugen-2

    And these instructions look weird. It looks like you're supposed to take out the thing HOLDING the cpu.

    Is that normal?
  6. jchan said:
    okay i got the clip down....

    My cpu fan is the scythe mugen-2

    And these instructions look weird. It looks like you're supposed to take out the thing HOLDING the cpu.

    Is that normal?

    You didn't ask any questions about applying the thermal paste . So I'm guessing you either picked up how to do it off the net...or you made a big time mistake and didn't get any.
  7. well it comes with thermal paste ... is that paste bad?

    If it is, i'll use the stock cooler for now and i'll order some arctic silver 5.
  8. this your first time building a computer? If it is, you should of done some more research, watched more vids first. I, personally havent built my computer yet, will do in a week or so, and im going all out, cable managment, stuff like that.

    Stock thermal paste = crap, just like anything thats stock, they pretty much take the cheapest but will still "get the job done". Dont get arctic silver 5, get arctic silver MX-3, its the best thermal paste (hard to tell which ones the best, theres like a 3 way tie). You can use the thermal paste for now but i dont recommend any heavy overclocking, just read up some stickys on how to apply thermal paste and be ready to read some more reviews on how to remove thermal paste when your gonna change it
  9. Thanks for the tips.

    I'll ask my friend for for his arctic silver 5. I'm not gonna heavily overclock so some sort of "arctic silver" will do for me lol.

    I'll just hold off my build for now and i'll connect the other wires and stuff. I don't wanna go through the pain of removing the stuff =/
  10. actually you can heavy overclock with arctic silver, i was just saying that you cant with stock paste, i think you could get around 4.0Ghz with a good case and CPU cooler. (but there really is no need to go that high)
  11. i got the paste and cpu cooler on my mobo ( Man that was really annoying )

    I got most of the stuff in now, all i gotta do is connect the wires :P

    I followed the motherboard instructions, but my only problem is the GPU power connections.

    I have one 6-pin in solidly, then when i try to put in a second 6-pin, it only goes in halfway. I used a little bit more force and it doesn't fit in snuggly.
    I moved the 6-pin (that fit) to the other power connection, to see if it was the card, but it fit. So it's not the card, but the wires? Or am i missing something?
    Please help! =/
  12. nobody knows? =[
  13. I can speak from my experience with my two GTX260's. The 850TX has two 6+2-pin PCI and two 6-pin PCI connectors. The two 6-pin connected to the cards just fine but the two 6+2-pin took some force. The difference was the thickness of the locking tab on both pins. I just had to gentle force the connectors in, which slightly bent the video card cover down around that area, which is no issue at all. I won't worried about putting some more reasonable force on that pin to have it fit properly.

    You could "shave" some of the plastic off the GPU cover to give you more clearance, if and only if you feel comfortable with it.
  14. okay i got everything connected... but now when i push the power button, nothing happens -_-" It's so depressing after all that work lol.

    What are some reasons you guys can think of why my computer won't power on? I think i connected everything correctly
  15. This checklist is the first place to start with troubleshooting boot problems. It contains suggestions from a number of people.
  16. yeah i read it but unfortunately it didn't help =[

    When i plug in the PSU to my wall and turn the psu on, nothing even happens. There aren't any LED lights on my motherboard or anything.
  17. wait, will the system not even turn on if the memory is in slots 2,4,6 instead of 1,3,5 ?
  18. I think you found the issue... I believe i7 requires the memory to be in slots 1, 3, 5 if you are running three RAM.

    Double Check your MOBO Manual... it will tell you how to install the memory!! Important to read the manual for your MOBO!!
  19. oh snap okay ill try it out.

    Ram in the wrong stop inhibits the computer from even starting up? 0.o
  20. i searched online if i had a bad psu or a bad mobo ... but i don't think i fit in that category...

    bad psu: System starts up and freezes or shuts off

    My system doesn't even start up >.>

    bad mobo: Fans and cd drive and everything work but doesn't start up

    My fans aren't spinning lol

    So this shows i'm the biggest noob ever at building computers .... and i am in giant need of help >.>
  21. I have a hard time believing you actually went through every step in the checklist above. #1, #2, #3, & #17 seem to apply most to you.
  22. did you connect the little striped wires to the mobo so the power switch on the front of the case is connected?
  23. when i go home i'll recheck everything...

    Disco: Yes i did, its those spiral wires right?
  24. This might be a pain to do, but I would recommend taking everything apart and just connecting your parts out of the case, for convenience's sake. You might want to try having the PSU, CPU and mobo connected. If your CPU HSF turns and the LED lights on your mobo lights up, then you know those things work. Then try just using 1 stick of RAM and test it out again. Then, add your GPU and test it out. If all of these things work, then it means you're just doing something wrong with your connections.

    Also, what kind of PSU do you have? My girlfriend's computer case came with a 500W PSU, but it wasn't strong enough to power her system. It did turn her system on, but only for a split second. She ended up buying an Antec 500W, and that worked fine.

    One more thing, did you add the 8-pin ATX 12v or 4/8-pin EPS 12v to the mobo?

    Step 1: Connect PSU to wall socket, have CPU attached to Mobo, have CPU HSF latched on and connect the fan cable to the mobo, have 24-pin and 4/8-pin from PSU connect to mobo. Test. [If you don't know how to start a computer without using a start button, use a metal object like a knife or screwdriver on the 2 pins that your Power cable is supposed to connect to(consult mobo manual)]

    Step 2: Add 1 stick of Ram on the first slot (any slot should do though). Test.

    Step 3: Add your GPU to the mobo, connect the 2 6-pin connections from your PSU. Test.

    You can do these steps within the case as well, so if it's too much of a hassle to take out the components, just disconnect everything and start @ step 1.
  25. I take it you checked the RAM was in the right slots?
  26. LOL

    guys sorry to make you type so much ... i found my problem ....................
    I'm such a noob .............

    I didn't plug in the power supply cable firmly enough -_-"

    I was like... hmm ... like cable looks loose. I gave it a little push and my mobo LED turned blue which is good... so i was like.. yay

    Everything was connected fine, it's just my stupidity that stopped the computer from working.

    Either way, thanks for responding to my thread!

    Now i gotta wait for Win 7 ... or order windows vista w/ free upgrade ...
  27. No problem... Glad we could help you out and it wasn't nothing major!! Now you know better for the next build.

    Hey, I helped one nOOb out that couldn't figure out why the PC started & shutdown after 3 seconds. We came to find out he didn't install a heat sink on his CPU, so we have seen it all :)

    This is why we have the thread about read before asking about boot problems... it has great trouble shooting tips.
  28. lol no worries man, it happens to all of us : )
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